Tragedy In Bogo City

Eudegario Godinez, who was 45 years of age, died while dynamite fishing around 7am this morning.  He saw a school of fish and allegedly attempted Filipino Fishermanto drop dynamite into the school but it exploded before he could release it.  The explosion severed his right hand and caused severe injuries to his face and chest that were fatal.

His wife was with him, she is being treated at a hospital in Bogo City.  The accident happened in a township that is adjacent to Bogo City known as Medellin town in barangay Daan Lungsod.

Dynamite fishing has been banned for some  time now.  The practice was widespread through much of the Philippines.  Though now illegal it appears to be common even now.  I have read of several deaths related to the practice.

Dynamite fishing has been devastating to the Philippine environment.  It has wrecked havoc on the Philippines rich corals that surround much of the islands.  The Philippines government seems to be trying to educate its people, much like happened in the US during the 70’s and 80’s about taking care of the environment.

It would be easy to criticize dynamite fishing but this has been a way of life.  A way of supporting ones family.  It is part of the culture and cultures don’t change over night.  These things take time.  It is sad that this man lost his life working hard for his family.

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