Bogo City, Philippines 08-05-08

Today my walk ended up to be rather short.   We took a dirt road near our home.  We met a 70 year old gentleman that goes by the nick name PePe.  I might be spelling that wrong however.  He raises Bonsai trees.  He had nearly a hundred of them, perhaps more!  He has two different types.

We also saw boys with fighting spiders.  We saw this on either Discovery, National Geographic or Animal Planet recently. I believe it was China where it is prevalent.  In the last two days, I’ve seen two groups of boys doing this.  Jessie says Jason used to do it.  To learn more about spider fighting, visit Wikipedia.

I had my video camera today.  Hopefully I’ll be able to add video on this soon. While I’ve seen quite a few Bonsia trees here, never have I seen so many in one place.  For more on Bonsai tree visit Wikipedia.

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