Bikini Show Leads To Charges

Charges have been filed against atleast six people involved in the spicy show held on April 11th 2009 at Rommel Resort. Governor Garcia had warned before the show that bikini contest had already been banned in Cebu as they were humiliating to women.

So the owner of the bar claimed he did away with the bikinis.  Instead the girls wore shorts  The governor said he missed the point of the warning.  Garcia went on to say “It’s not about bikini. It’s about decency. It’s about transgressing the bounds of decency,”

Filipina BikiniTwo girls of the group Viva Hot Babes and an actor have been charged.  The resort owner was also charged and the person that choreographed the show was also charged.

I will try to continue to provide updates on this situation as they progress.  I don’t feel it is proper for me to comment on my views, either to agree or disagree.  Honestly, I see both sides of the issue.  Filipino do take Holy Week very serious and especially Black Saturday.  This is not in keeping with the customs of most Filipino.  It is not my place to influence the traditions of the Philippines, nor is it your place unless you are Filipino.  My feeling on this has less to do with the law of foreigners speaking out against public leaders but has more to do with my respect for the Philippines and its people.

I know what I enjoy and I have different views on these matters than most Christians, even those in the USA.  What is decent to one person is not decent to another.  Its not an outsiders place to decide what is decent for Filipino.  It is important to point out that the owner of the resort is Filipino.  So of course, there is disagreement of what is and what is not decent in the Philippines.

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