Evil Food of The Philippines

Evil does come in a pleasing form and this chocolate covered bread is hard to resist.   Its not just covered though, its also filled with chocolate.  Take a paper towel with you, you’re going to need it! It taste great, beyond any other bread I think I’ve ever had except for one.  Nothing can compare with my grandmother’s home made cinnamon rolls!  If anything could it would be this chocolate covered bread.

This Bread Is Evil
This Bread Is Evil

The bread itself is very dense and very rich.  Without the chocolate it would be awesome.   With the chocolate its paradise in your mouth.  Better than pizza, better than cheese its just awesome.

There is a problem though, besides the obvious issues with weight gain, I’m a diabetic.  My diabetes is not real bad but I shouldn’t eat even one.  Most of the time i don’t and if I give in I usually eat one or two.  The other day, I ate four or five and boy it was good going down.  Then it hit and it didn’t feel so great for the next 24 hours.  I was foolish to eat that many.

Four Pieces of Chocolate Bread

When you’re in this part of Cebu though, you have to get this.  I’ve been trying to find out if this is just a Cebu or Visayas food or if it can be found most places.  A friend that lives in Mindanao says he’s never heard of it.  I asked some other folks on a forum and they didn’t respond.  My girlfriend tells me they have it in her home town which is located in the Province of Leyte.

Its been two days since I had some and the sweet chocolate still lingers and calls my name but no way, I thought I might die! Looking at the pictures also brings back the wonderful smell of fresh bread.  Why do things that taste so good have to be so bad for you.  It is one of the highlights of Philippine cuisine.

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