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I am trying to visit at least one Church in the Philippines each month and take pictures of it.   Then display them on my Cebu Experience site.  Jesus On The Cross I hope to expand this to all of the Philippines one of these days, when I do, I’ll post the pictures here.

I will also include as much history and other information I can find.  If nothing else, I include a narrative on my thoughts about the image.

This month I went to Cebu City and visited a church central to the growth of  Christianity in the Philippines.  This church was much influenced by Magellan’s visit to the area as Santo Nino, a statue depicting the Christ child, became seen as a miracle sent from God.

This history dates back to at least 1521 and included Magellan’s death shortly after converting the royals of Cebu to Christianity.

There a lot of street vendors in the area and we found some nice religious items hand carved from drift wood.   I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I’m having a lot of problems with my camera.  I hope it doesn’t die before I am able to replace it!

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