Burglars Break into Congressman’s Office

There was a break in Wednesday night into Rep. Benhur Salimbangon office in Bogo City.  Bogo City doesn’t have a lot of crime so there’s not a lot to report on here.  The police found a child’s foot print they believe that was involvedpolice in the crime

The congressman’s office was ransacked but it appears they found nothing of value to steal so they moved on to an office dealing with elections and stole P5600 which would be just over $100USD.  The congressman does not think that the crime had anything to do with politics.

The guard on duty was said to have fallen to sleep.  If that is true, his job is probably in jeopardy.  I suspect sleeping security guards would be a common problem through out the world!  So little to do so late at night is a recipe for sleep!

For a city that has so little crime, these burglars sure picked a hotspot to break into.  If they ran their mouth about their exploits, I suspect they are already in jail.  Sounds like it might have been kids.

Bogo City is a town located in Northern Cebu Island. It is really no longer a city as the law making it a city was held to be unconstitutional and demoted back to a municipality.

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