Electrical Power Capacity In Cebu Philippines

I and all the other people living in Cebu have suffered through a lot of brownouts over the last 18 months. The Cebu Provincial Government is in the early planning stages to expand power generation. Governor Gwendolyn Garcia says that Cebu has enough electrical generating capacity until 2016. Cebu province has a total electrical generating capacity of  610 megawatts at this time. The governor says it will take three to five years to build a new plant and she would like to have it online by 2015.

Cebu’s power supply comes from three power plants:

  • Iloilo which supplies 164 megawatts of power
  • Kepco in Naga, which provides 200 megawatts
  • CEDC’s three 82-megawatt power plants in Toledo City

Electrical Power Plant Expansion Planned for Cebu

The Department of Energy (DOE) indicates there is an urgent need to increase the power capacity in Cebu. In March of 2011 there was a meeting between the governor and DOE to discuss the need for a new plan to be built.


Gwendolyn Garcia

Gwendolyn Garcia

Governor Garcia has been in talks with Korea Southern Power Co., Ltd and offered them lands to build a new coal fired plant.


I hope there is enough electrical capacity in Cebu until 2016 but I have doubts. There has been a remarkable improvement over the last few months though. There have been no brownouts in May so far and this is the month of the highest demand for electricity. It is hot in Cebu during May. We did have a a brownout in Bogo during March for a little more than two hours. I also bought a third battery powered fan in March to prepare for the onslaught of the dreaded brownouts.

The recent tropical storm that brushed the Philippines did knock my Internet connection out. At least that is the claim made by Globe. It was nowhere near us at the time but was impacting Luzon when it happened. That tropical storm is now impacting on Japan.  My Internet connection was down for more than a day. But I didn’t loose electrical power.

I am pleased to see the governor of Cebu is looking out for those of living in Cebu and planning for our future electrical needs.

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