After our visit to the Taoist Temple in Cebu City, we headed to The Tops. Before moving to the Philippines, several Filipina in Cebu City told me I should visit The Tops. After almost four years of living in the Philippines, I finally made it to Tops.

Smoggy View of Cebu City from The Tops

I was told by the Filipina that I knew that were living in Cebu that it is the highest place in Cebu City. It is actually a good ways outside of Cebu City. I don’t like spending money on taxis as it can add up quickly. That’s why I’ve been slow to visit.

I’m not sure what I thought about The Tops. I’m going to withhold finally judgment until I visit again.Cebu City cloaked in smog as seen from The Tops On the day we went, smog over Cebu City spoiled the view. I really wanted to go another time and at night. That is what I should have done as it put us getting to the Lapu Lapu Shrine in Mactan after dark.

My favorite part of the visit to the Tops was the taxi ride there. We came to one steep incline while going up the mountain. There were many steep inclines on our way to Tops but this one was extra steep. About half way up the car died. The driver tried to crank but it wouldn’t crank. He then said we needed to walk up this part. Jessie told me to stay though. Honestly I was relieved.

As I started to get out of the taxi, Jessie told me no, you’ll fall. Being a lowlander I had no idea what she meant. When I planted both feet on the ground and stood up, I quickly learned. The earth was pulling me down the mountain side. I did stumble a bit. I might have died trying to walk up that incline!

Once again the taxi wouldn’t start. The driver got out, got some water out of the trunk and put a little into the radiator. That’s all it took. It cranked right up. He rolled back down the incline, got up some speed and we made it to the top.

Filipina at The Tops in Cebu City

Jessie and her friend Sheila were no were to be found. They had walked on up the next incline and around the turn in the road. As we approached they stuck out their thumb as hitchhikers.  This time I stayed in the taxi as I told her “Climb over it will be more fun that way.” Both she and the driver laughed. I guess he could understand English.

We were already close to The Tops and we arrived soon after that. They have picnic tables at The Tops. I don’t know the cost. It cost P100 for each of us to enter. They didn’t charge us for the taxi driver. There are also benches to sit on which would be nice if the smog had not been so dense on our visit. I think going to The Tops would be best at night. The smog might still be there but you probably won’t be able to see it and the lights of Cebu City should still show through nicely. I’ve been told that on a clear night you can see Bohol. Bohol is an island near Cebu that I hope to visit before too much longer. There are also food and souvenir shops at The Tops.

I did enjoy my time at The Tops. We sit and rested from the walking at the Taoist Temple. There was aJessie and Rusty at The Tops breeze but it was still pretty hot as can be seen by the way my hair is curling. Jessie loves the curls and usually wants me to grow my hair long. I’m amused that she wants me to get a hair cut before we visit her home town of Tacloban next month.

Our next destination was the Lapu Lapu Shrine. We were a long way from the shrine but I’ve always wanted to go there and this was the day I was finally going to make it. By the time we go to the shrine it was dark so I will likely be making a return trip.

For a list of other things to see in Cebu follow this link. I have been to most of those places but not all of them.

If you’ve been to The Tops, let us know if you found the view to be cloaked in smog when you went. I think going to The Tops at night could be a romantic setting so grab your girl and make the visit. If you find some downtime while in Cebu City, going to The Tops would be a good way to spend it.

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