Bantayan Island

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Bantayan Island.   If I hadn’t run out of clean clothes, I would still be there.  I enjoyed my time with no news and noBantayan Island Philippines computer.  Heck, I was out of credits so I didn’t even have a phone.

What I did have was my camera, I took over 200 pictures.  I had my girl.  I had white sand and crystal clear salt water and all its healing properties.  I had the cool ocean breeze and the waves kissing the steps of my hotel room.

We spent most of our time in an open air cafe, in a wooden lounge chair at peace with doing nothing but talking with and touching the woman in my life.  Eating wonderfully prepared and presented feast while trying not to eat too much.  That was the only downside, we spent too much money on eating.  Not a  lot of money, $100 for a tropical paradise over 24 hours.  You can do than in one meal in the US.  We had four.

I rented two motor scooters, bought some “Nike” flip flops, walked on the beach, swam in the ocean and watch several pretty Filipina.  Not enough of those there though.  🙂

We will be going back often, I’m sure.  We can visit there and come back in a day without spending a lot of money.   Its a 20 minute bus ride to the port and then a 30 minute to 1 hour boat ride to the Island.

It may take me a day or  two to recover, due to my poor health, such things often wipe me out.   More sun than I should get despite the sun screen.  But there was a lot of exercise too.   Walking on the beach in all that sand can be hard for an out of shape guy like me.

I’ve got a lot of pictures to work on.  I’ll be working on those fast as I can.  I had a wonderful, mellow time on Bantayan Island.

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