A British artist drowned after swimming to close to a waterfall.  How many times have we seen this in person or in pictures?  I have often seen people frolicking in the beauty of a Philippine waterfall but it appears you really need to know the area before doing something like that.

The man was swimming in the lagoon along with a friend when he decided he would go under the falls.  But the current grabbed him and pulled him down.  Rescue attempts failed as others realized the current was to strong to be safe.  They attempted to find a branch to reach out to him but by then the man was missing.

Sometime later his body reappeared at the bottom of the falls, they were able to reach his body and tried for nearly two hours to revive him but they were unable to do so and Richard Kidd, 56 died on the scene.

This should be a reminder to have fun, enjoy the beauty of the Philippines but respect the great outdoors.

Source;  http://www.telegraph.co.uk

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