Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia warns that resort and business owners in Cebu Province face stiff penalties for holding bikini  contest, including the loss of their privilege to operate a business in the province.

Six Priest from Northern Cebu have asked the Governor to ban bikini contest slated during Holy Week.   As it crown_of_thornsturns out, there is already a law on the books that can be used to ban such events.  The law has also been used to ban some beauty contest as being humiliating to women.

Chapter 3, Article 1, Section 5 of the Women’s Code prohibits the conduct of beauty contests and other activities in schools, barangays (villages) and other areas that tend to “commodify, abuse, humiliate and treat women as sex objects.”’

For westerners that might seem a little vague and the courts might have issues with it under free speech in the USA, this is not the USA.  In the Philippines, common sense still prevails.  Executive branches have more power than do in the US.

Having a bikini contest during Holy Week even raised my eyebrows and I enjoy the ones I went too!  Holding them during Holy Week in this country Its going to far with it. It is disrespectful to the majority of Filipino.  The week is just too important to Filipino. Big festive parties are not part of the remembrance of Holy Week.

The two I went too were actually pretty tame in my mind.  One was very tame and that’s the way the owner of the resort wanted it to be.  The other was a bit more provocative but less so than the wet t-shirt contest that were held in the USA back in the 70’s.  Since I was still in high school, I only heard about those in the press.  But again, this is not the USA.  There is more common sense applied in the Philippines than would be in American law.  I prefer the American way but I would not presume to tell the Philippine people what to do in their own country nor would they appreciate my doing so.

I have not heard the status of the planned bikini contest on Bantayan Island for this week, but if it was my resort, I know I’d be looking into a way to tone it down.  Maybe they had been sent the girls out carrying their bikinis!

Bogo City has had a couple of such contest in the past.  I went to one and enjoyed myself.

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