The number of brownouts in Bogo City as of late, have been absurd!

The brownouts are so frequent now, I’ve become accustomed to often hitting save when I’m working on a article.   I’ve lost track.  We haven’t had one yet, today.   I feel certain we will.   We had two, maybe three yesterday.   The day before that, much the same with power effectively out most of the day.

The number and frequency of brownouts has made Bogo City a much less desirables place to live.  I would strong consider another location.   When the brownouts subside, if they subside, I’ll change my opinion.

For me, when the air con wont work, the lights are out.  On Tuesday, there were four or five hours where the lights fluctuated, pulsing as if I was in the middle of some horror movie.

I wrote a longer article about this on my personal blog.   You can visit it here.

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