Bonsai Tree Master

Bonsai Tree Master?  Hardly, but today we saw a guy on the street selling Bonsai Trees.  He was from Car Car, a town south of Cebubonsai_tree-1 City.  He started out the day with several trees, I guess all he could carry and rode buses to the north part of the Cebu Province.  Quite a journey.  By the time he got to Bogo City, he had only three trees left.

He sold us the three trees for P300.  Probably a little high as we didn’t really try to talk him down.  He started out with one tree for P150 but then suggested we buy all three for P300 which we did with Jessie twisting my leg.

I had already spent some unplanned money as we had another power outage.  I had gone out for my walk but it started raining so that got cut short and we took a tric to the post office.  I needed to mail my insurance claims off for my medications for this month.  When we got back CEBECO, our power company cooperative was working on the lines.  So off I went to Jollibee.  It had been cool for almost two weeks, it warms back up and then they cut our power off.  Perfect timing. LOL

While at Jollibee’s we saw the tree vendor outside.   Actually, I think he saw me and made sure I saw him.  In any case, we ended up with three trees for about  $6.75.  The last time I saw a kit in a box to grow them was in the US and it cost $99.00  I don’t know if that included a tree.  I don’t understand how it could in a box.  Maybe it was a seed.  🙂  It was from one of the science stores that had sprung up in the malls in the mid 90’s.

Now I have to learn what to do with it.  We got two different kinds of trees.  We certainly didn’t know what we were doing so we could have made all kinds of mistakes with what we purchased.  I hope not and I doubt it.  Jessie got his phone number so we could buy orchids from him next time he is coming up this way.

I’m pretty excited with our pathway to becoming Bonsai Masters.  🙂  There is a guy just up the street that has hundreds of trees.  I hope he will help me with my Bonsai tree.

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