Stuck Inside Again

I have not been getting out much.  It warmed back up and now I’m spoiled by the cooler temperatures.   I did go out last night and will probably walk today.  Walked only about half-a-mile last night.   We went to the BBQ by the Seaside here in Bogo City.

I do have some pictures that I need to copy to the PC and upload.  Took them early last week.  I have not reviewed them though, they may all be duds.  I haven’t walked in two days, not a real walk anyway.

Jessie is still freezing, right now she’s got the covers over her head and reading a book.  I don’t know how she’s getting enough light under the cover.  Its pretty thin though, that probably makes it easier to read.  She says there is plenty of light.

I ordered some eye glasses last month when I went to Cebu City.  Entire cost was P3900 or just under $100.  I probably paid too much as I got them in SM Mall.  Prices there are always higher, well usually higher. But $100 for eye exam and frames and lenses is cheap.  Especially for bifocals without the line.

I’m just going to have to get use to the higher temperatures again and I can’t do that sitting under the aircon.  I’ll have to find things to do that don’t cost anything.   I didn’t receive a check I was expecting and that has put  damper on things for me.   That’s okay though, I don’t want to spend it anyway.  I need to put it in savings if at all possible.

My sixteen months will be up soon.  Foreigners here on a visitor visa must leave the country every 16 months.  That’s just a little more than four months away.  Hard to believe I’ve been here that long.

I haven’t been able to do many of things I want to do but I haven’t given up on doing them.  Our furniture is half paid for, nine more months to go and we wont have that expense any more.  I don’t plan on buying anything else on credit.  Going to put money in the bank and pay cash.

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