Buang Bus Drivers in Cebu

Last month, there was a fatal bus crash in Southern Cebu Island.  Reports were that the buses were racing.  I have seen this in Northern Cebu.  One night, there was no doubt in my mind that the bus driver Coconutscouldn’t stand it when another bus passed him.  Soon he was passing the bus that passed him and doing it in a way that was totally unsafe.

The bus drivers in the Philippines are very good at what they do.  If they were not, there would be many more accidents.  However, most take chances that are just not necessary.  I’ve been close to being run over by them when I’m on my walks.  Just a step to the right and I’d be gone.  They come screaming by me just inches away.  Usually you can hear them, but not always.  There was one close call in particular that I remember most vividly.  I wanted to throw something at that driver but all I had was my camera. 🙂

I’ve tried to capture them on video driving like that but they slow down.  My only intent was to show people back home how they drive but I guess they were fearful of who might see it.  T hey clearly slowed down.

Last year a teen age boy was killed here in Bogo town. Not long ago the bus route in Bogo was changed, forcing the buses to make more turns which I assume was to slow them down.

What bothers me most about the bus drivers is they usually go as fast as they can even when they are going to have to slow down in a short distance.  There’s no point in risking lives with the pedal to the metal when you gotta stop in 100 feet.

The bus drivers pass other vehicles when they have no idea what is coming around the mountain.  Winding roads in the mountains are common.  Not being able to see very far down the road is common.  Many times, there is nothing a bus driver could do except run the vehicle they are over taking off the road.

It is this behavior that causes me to wonder if  the bus drivers are being hired out of the anti-social ward of a psychiatric ward!  They just don’t seem to care about anyone.  They are the biggest on the road so they own the road.  People joke the biggest vehicle has the right of way in the Philippines but it is not a joke.  It is true.  I observed that long before anyone told it to me.

When I take a bus trip in Cebu, There is always a sign with a number on it to report unsafe driving.  We all must start doing that.  We need to get these buses slowed down.  I don’t want to get anyone into trouble but I also don’t wish to die for the ego stroking satisfaction a bus driver gains from their impromptu races that often are undertaken on the roads in the Philippines.

There is one bus driver that Jessie and I avoid as his driving is too reckless.  We’ll wait for the next one.  On the trip from Cebu City to Bogo there is a gravel road near Bogo.  The bus drivers seem to enjoy getting up as much speed as they can on that road.  Jessie and now get off before the bus drivers get to that point and take a tricycle home.  The driving down that road is buang!  Its crazy!

Dear Mr. Bus Driver, please slow down!  I’m not asking for a huge change.  I only ask that you begin to exercise some caution.

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