Go to City Hall, Come Home With A Goat?

About a week ago, I made my usual monthly trip to Philpost.  The postal service of the Philippines.  Most months, I send off some forms to my insurance company.  They pay me and then say they never got the claim.  Funny.  🙂

We usually take a tricycle to the post office which is located within the Bogo City TricycleBogo City Hall complex.    We walk back.  Kind of a long walk to do round trip,  I’ve gone further but not when I have to deal with people.  I don’t like to walk a long way and then have to buy things or deal with others.

Each city that I’ve been to has their own style of tricycle.  This picture shows a typical tricycle in Bogo City.  Tacloban has my favorite style because they are bigger.  Talisay had one with a seat that looked backwards which was okay too.

On my way home for my March 6th trip to the post office, I stopped to rest about three-fourths of the way home.  As we did, a wonderful older Filipina approached us.   She was giving me a bit of a scowl so I said hello and then her face brightened up with a smile of her own.

She started talking to Jessie and Jessie told her “dili”  which means no.  Then Jessie explained the lady was trying to sell me a goat!  I wish I had been prepared for such an offer but it was all I could do not to laugh.   When that didn’t work she asked Jessie for money.  We don’t take money with us when we walk so that took care of that problem.

Old Filipina Wanted Me To Buy Her Goat

Old Filipina Wanted Me To Buy Her Goat

Except, she kept asking for money which irritated Jessie.  I had a few coins and was going to give them to her. But, she had hacked Jessie off by being demanding so Jessie gave me the evil eye and I didn’t do it.

I thought she was a delightful older Filipina but Jessie has dealt with this for many more years so her patience is shorter, especially when they wont take no for an answer.  She’s far more likely to give a child some food than give an older person coins .    Most Filipino respond the same way that  Jessie did.  It must be trying after so many years of it.

I wish I had pursued this goat though.   It would have been fun to come home with a goat.  I don’t know what I would do with it but it would be fun.  Maybe sell it to someone else.  🙂

Maybe hire someone to dress and cook it.  That might be nice.  Very lean meat.  I’m kind of surprised none of the BBQ sells goat.  Maybe they do and I just don’t know it!

Jessie just told me they don’t but that she has eaten it.  It may not taste the same as it does in the USA.  Most Westerners complain about the taste of  beef here so the goat may not be what I’m use too.  I have not had beef here, except what might be on a pizza and I’m cutting those out as much as I possibly can.

Anyway, as you can see, living in Cebu can bring a lot of different experiences.  I hope you enjoyed this installment of my Cebu Experience.

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