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Well, as time goes on, I do get better at it but I’m a long way from being Filipino or live like the majority of Filipino do.  If I could do it, I’d be able to save a lot of money but, well, I am a spoiled American.  I do without a lot of things I use to crave and rarely think about those any more.  If your wondering how to get American products in the Philippines this is how I do it.

If you are in the Philippines and don’t have a credit card and are unable to purchase items online, I will do that for you. You’ll need to tell me what you want. If you like, just give me a list and I’ll hunt them down for you.

Now if I lived in or near Subic, I might not have these issues.  I don’t and I’m sure that would bring other problems.  I might not have these issues in Manila.  I know that would bring other problems like crime, pollution, massive traffic jams and a higher cost of living.

I use to order from the USA every month.  I’d get items mostly from   Now I order much less often.  My skin doesn’t like much of anything on it.  It especially rejects any scented items.   I probably wouldn’t buy anything from the USA if not for that.  Since I really need to buy some things from them, I go ahead and treat myself to a few other things.  I’m getting ready to order so I thought I’d write about and list those things.

Mitchum Unscented in a pack of four. Does the job without any rashes or making me sick.  Things with perfumes make me feel bad.  This is the one item I have not found any way around. [amazonshowcase_68e5f6e7fa5dd0f60fad29d75d49305a]

Sunscreen can be found here but its not plentiful.  I could find it in some of the larger stores in Cebu City but I couldn’t find anything unscented.    I wasn’t happy with what I did find so I get it from the USA too.


There are some other items that I like to get.  I’ve not been able to find any Hi8 video tape for my camcorder.   As a result, its been over a year since I’ve taken any video.  I’m about to order.  I hope my budget will allow me to get some video tape this time around.  I suppose I can always get one but I plan on getting this four pack from Sony.


Sugar free Candy is also not easy to find.  I have been able to find some though at Duty Free and SM Cebu.  It isn’t as good as the Lifesavers I use to buy all the time but I’ve learned to make due with what I can get here.  I don’t use it as much but I drink too many cokes.  I am thirsty all the time, just how I’m made.  This multi-pack that I sometimes get from Amazon is fairly heavy and pushes the shipping cost up.


Something else i usually get from the USA is Triple Antibiotic Cream.  I can probably get this here but since its so light, I’ve not spent any time searching it out.  So when I order from Amazon, I usually just pick up a tube or two. [amazonshowcase_e0e524309bd170983432cc02f56577b0]

Philippine Shopping Assistant

If you are in the Philippines and don’t have a credit card and are unable to purchase items online, I Shoppingwill do that for you.  You’ll need to tell me what you want.  If you like, just give me a list and I’ll hunt them down for you.  I will submit them with price for your approval and you can send payment via a local remittance office or LBC.  I’ll add a 10% fee (minimum of 10.00) to your order.  I can then purchase them for you.  Of course, you’ll also have to pay all fees related to shipping your item to the Philippines.  I’ll handle it all for you, just let me know what you need.

Shipping Your Items to The Philippines

I ship these products to the USA and then have them forwarded to me in the Philippines.  I use Johnny Air Cargo (JAC) for my shipping.  When I’ve used the US/PhilPost to ship items, I’ve run into questionable custom fees and long delays.  So, I just don’t do that any more.   With JAC it takes about 10 days to get my items at a price much below that of FedEx or UPS.  If you use those, you’re still going to have the issues with customs.  Well, you might.  Most people I talk to here never have any problems.  I however, do, every time so I don’t do that any more.

I’m not much of a shopper in any land.  I’ve been buying as many things I can online for as long as it has been possible.  I’ve not had any problems.  Of course, when you’re dealing with thousand of miles of shipping, returns are pretty much out of the question.

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