Palladium Suites

On our visit earlier this month to Cebu City we stayed with walking distance of Osmena Circle and the price was less than P1000 for two people.

We stayed at Palladium Suites. The room was quite small but clean, the service was good and timely we even checked in about four hours early without any kind of problem. During the night, someone did ask us what time we would checkout which was a strange request. Seemingly trying to rush us? Jessie told her before 1pm which was checkout time. Later I told Jessie that she didn’t help that girl out very much. Which was okay with me, the girl on the night shift should have never asked that. I had thought about staying a second night but since we spent so much already, I decided that wouldn’t be a good idea anyway and we headed out as we originally planned. Staying only one night.

They had a decent menu we ordered a breakfast. I wasn’t over whelmed with what I got, they were out of bacon so I had to change to ham. The ham here is always sweet and thin but other than the Pension House Cebusweet taste that has been added, it doesn’t have a lot of taste. Its what you get any where here so I can’t complain. The scrambled eggs were a bit mushy for me but most people would like them. We’ll stay there again and will try to order their fried chicken. Prices didn’t stick with me so they were not too costly. If they were high, I would remember that.

For the price conscious, this is the place to stay. I’ve been unable to find something at a lower price. If they are out there I would like to hear, especially in this area or better areas. We were able to walk to Travelways where I get my tourist visa extended every two months. It would be nice to have a place with a balcony overlooking the circle which could land some great pictures of the traffic lights at night. We didn’t even get out at night though. We had back to back days with two and half (or more) hour bus trips so we needed to rest more than play at night. I also enjoyed that we had no computers and thus were pretty much forced to pay attention to each other. :). I don’t know if they provided an Internet connection. I didn’t look into that as my notebook is not working and we are on the go so much, there’s no point in taking it and leaving it in the room.

The taxi driver we took to get us to the pension home didn’t know where it was but didn’t tell us that until he took us to another hotel instead. The price there was P1800, twice as much as the P900 we had a reservation for so I said, lets find the place we had a reservation at. The next taxi driver knew where it was as did all the other taxis we took during the two days. There were several of those.

The pension home also offered a “Swiss massage” but I didn’t bother to ask about that. No telling what that might get you. It could be just a massage but I have my doubts. Across the street here was a Thai Massage shop as well. Again, probably more than massages are available there. Down the street was the Love City Videoke Bar that appeared to be some what popular and I kidded Jessie that we might go there. I think she would have gone but we are both cowards when it comes to places like that. Its a train wreck, we want to know what is going on but afraid of what we’ll end up in the middle of. I guess I need to give my explorer side a kick in the butt.

We did see a decent move The Underworld. We went shopping at SM, spending most of our money at Kultura Filipino and Duty Free Cebu. Jessie bought me a couple of English to Cebuano books which can still get me in trouble. I thought I was asking someone if they were mad but as it turned out, I told her she was insane. Hopefully she understood my ignorance of the language. We will make sure later. I thought I was using the word mad as in angry but I was using the word mad as in mad dog! We looked several places for a Cebuano to English translator but we had no luck on that. After my mad vs insane mishap, perhaps it is just as well. I really want to get in a position where I can hire someone that will act as a personal assistant, her duties will include teaching me how to speak Cebuano which is not an easy task at all. Jessie can help me but its not her first language either.

Our last trip was a pleasant one and I enjoyed our stay at Palladium Suites.

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