Cebu City Plagued with Dengue Fever Deaths

Cebu City recently saw the death of a three year old little girl.  The number of dengue cases in Cebu has fallen by nearly a third.  Down from over 1500 to just over 1000 so far this year.  But the number of deaths in the city has risen dramatically.

With more than a month left in the year, the number of deaths has risen from 26 for all of last year to 46 so far this year.

The health department warns parents to take measures to protect their children from “dengue carrying mosquitoes.”  That would include making sure there is no standing water for them to breed in.   The officials are also spraying for mosquitoes.  It seems that with the number of cases going down so much, that both the citizens and the officials are doing things to reduce the problem.  It is sad that the number of deaths to go up.

Dengue fever is known to many westerners as encephalitis.  The young and the old are most vulnerable as their immune systems are usually weaker.  All of the deaths in Cebu City have been children ranging in age from 2 months to 17 years old.  The symptoms of the illness include fever and severe headache.

The flooding that regularly occurs in the Philippines maks it hard to control the spread of the mosquitoes.  As it subsides, pools of standing water are left behind.  Frequent rains during the monsoon season refill the pools of water.  Guadalupe, within Metro Cebu has been hard hit by floods in the last year.

It is surprising that deaths have gone up as there have been increased education for medical professionals and free screening if you suspect you or your child might have encephalitis.  Early treatment is crucial as the illness can cause the brain to swell which can cause brain damage and death.

If in doubt, and someone is sick, don’t wait as quick action can save lives of our precious children.  Never forget that dengue is a killer.

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