Life Can Be Hard In The Philippines

Last night, a friend dropped by our home. She was looking for a new place to live and wanted to inquire at the boarding house next door.  She explained that at 3pm, that same day, her landlord told her she had to leave. The

landlord decided to close their boarding house and open an Internet cafe.  I don’t know if I have the entire story but I tend to think I have most of it.  I asked Jessie if they can do that here and she said yes.

Here it was 9pm and she didn’t have a place to stay.  In the USA if you do that, you might have trouble getting the person to leave without taking them to court and evicting them.  That’s not the case here.  I hope she found a place.  She has a young son too.  Not sure how young, I’ve never met him.

I often talk about how different living in the Philippines can be.  This is a good example of that difference.  To the Filipino, our ways seem just as odd.  I must admit, ways in the USA seem a bit odd to me.  There, someone can work the legal system and stay in a home or apartment for a long time before they can be evicted.  Sometimes more than a year.  In the Philippines, a few hours and you’re out the door.

Despite it being legal to do that here, if it really is, it still isn’t right.  It isn’t the way Filipino normally treat each other.  I was shocked.  There’s usually more to any story but sometimes there isn’t.  Lisa is a nice girl and fun to be around.  I’ve been trying to contact her but so far, no reply.

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