Smiling Pinoy in Jail

On one of my longer walks around Bogo City, I came upon the Bogo City Jail.  As I started to take a picture I

Philippine Jail Escape

noticed there were inmates within and they wanted their picture taken.  The result is the picture above.

Filipino are known for being warm and friendly, something I can say for certain is true.  Often, Filipino seem a bit shy or even leery but once I make an effort to be friendly it is met with much warmth.  They always return big happy smiles, often with less than perfect smiles.

When I saw the people in the jail, I was surprised to see that happening here  as well.  True, not all of them were smiling.  At least one appeared to be staring out to for help.  That would be next to impossible.  Filipino are a proud people and the last thing they want is a foreigner meddling in their affairs even if I did know anything about a situation.  I have no desire to meddle in such affairs.

From Filipino children to adults, every where I go in the Philippines, I’m met with smiling people.  The people here are warm and want to interact with me and I want to interact with them.

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