Crips Gang Kills In Cebu

About a year ago, I asked if American style gangs where in the Philippines.   I heard from a couple of guys that seemed to know a lot about gangs and they said they were acting within the Philippines.

It has been reported that about 2am on July 22nd a group of teens hailed a taxi and robbed it.  When they didn’t get as much cash as they had expected, they became angry and killed the driver.

If that is not alarming enough, the killers are said to be member of the Crips gang in Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines.

The suspects, with ages ranging from 15 to 18, all members of the Crips gang, admitted to the police that they were involved in the killing of taxi driver Modesto Geligao, said Mandaue City Police director Senior Supt. Noel Gillamac

The police are hoping to be able to charge these bandits.  Under the prior administration, there was a presidential memo disallowing police from arresting teenagers.  Though sometimes they were

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arrested anyway, they were always released as they can’t be held in jail.   I don’t know if this has changed under the current administration, if there are exceptions or if they just do what they wish to do.  I have seen cases where teens get arrested but usually turned over to social workers.  It seems to me though, the authorities mostly do what they want but not always.

In some cities, it is rumored the majors have “death squads” that take care of these teens that can be locked up.  Adults too when they feel it is needed.  The UN has been looking into this and there have been some harsh findings by the UN.  Its hard to know if it happens but it appears that it does happen.  It also appears that most of the people support it.

One city infamous for this is Davao in Mindanao.  I’m not saying it is true,  I don’t know.  There is a lot of talk about it.  Crime is low within the city.

I hate to see gang violence in the Philippines.   The lack of it was a strong positive for coming here.  I came here from Memphis, Tn. and that is one dangerous place to walk the street.   I even had a permit to carry a weapon.  I considered it a duty to do so.  I with the government here would move to change gun ownership for foreigners but with the rebels running around, I understand the reluctance.  Foreigners ca carry weapons here but there are a lot of complex hoops one must jump through.  At some point, it may become needed.  However, a kano using a weapon on a  Filipino?  Man are you talking about opening up a can of worms both civil and criminal.

Probably not much need to carry one if you live in Davao.   Probably very little gang violence there.  I’m not a fan of death squads though.  Maybe I’m paranoid and fear it will be used for improper purposes and that I might find myself on the receiving end.  On the other hand, I’m not going to slam the concept either.  I see both sides.  I’d rather see sensible rule of law if I were god that’s the way it would be.  haha

Still, crime in Cebu is still much below nearly any place in USA.  Crime in the Philippines is also lower than that in the USA but there are pockets of problems.

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