Laid Back and Relaxed

Yesterday I went for what was to be a short walk.  Right away we noticed that Bogo was empty.  The only thing that seemed to show any activity at all were the buses out of Bogo headed south to Sinulog in Cebu City.  We saw far more buses than normal and they were all packed full. Some with people standing.  The buses going north were close to empty.  Seems like Jessie and I are the only people not going to the festival.

What started out as a walk ended up spending the entire afternoon at the Pizza Pub and into the evening.   I even broke down and had a pizza.  They Jovi at Pizza Pubdidn’t mess it up.  The waitress that was most likely to foul it up is now working for someone else.   She’s a pretty girl, her name is Jovi.  Jessie snapped this picture of her yesterday.   She has a very sweet and fun personality.  She seemed to be chatting with her family or friends in the park.

I enjoyed spending the day not doing a darn thing.   I was wishing I had a Eeee PC though.  So I could blog about my being there.  We sat outside until evening but when the sun went down the mosquitoes came out.  We finally gave up and went inside and the dang things seemed to ride in with us.

Our waitress, Jenelyn was having a hard time keeping up but there were not a lot of people there.  Maybe the people were being impatient.  A Korean family came by and stared at me, well the children did and watched me eat Cheese Hungarian.  I asked Jessie what that was all about but she didn’t understand either.

Lots of pretty Filipina strolling by as I smoked another of my cigars.  I’m limiting myself to no more than one per week.   Last thing I want to do is get that habit back, besides, it ruins the fun of smoking.  I get a pretty decent buzz off my cigar  and I don’t want to loose that.

I’m thinking of goofing off most of the day today as  well but I need to do it more cheaply and without as many calories.  Jessie seems to be turning into a one woman eating machine.  LOL  She’s going to smack me.  I certainly need to go for a walk but as I type this, I’m feeling sleepy.  I’ll probably loose the battle and fall to sleep.

It is a bit more humid today but the weather is still very mild.  The aircon has been off for about two hours and the windows are not open.  The clouds seem to be still hanging around.  It rained just a little bit last evening, just enough to barely wet the streets.

I’m thinking of a trip to San Remegio tomorrow to visit the Catholic Church there.  I’d like to go today but it is Sunday and probably will have much going on.  Have to see how I feel about it tomorrow.

I am having a lot of trouble seeing today.  My vision is rather blurred which may mean my blood sugar is high  but my testing meter died so I can’t take it.  I have one ordered.  It should be in Cebu City soon.

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