Heat Wave Relief!

I’ve posted several articles about electrical outages in the Philippines.  For the last few months they have been far more numerous than usual.  Mostly due to the drought in the Philippines, the outages have been common and wide spread. No longer limited to Cebu Province.  They are now common in Metro Cebu too.  They are common every where.  Based on what I’ve read in the papers, Cebu has been seen fewer outages than many places.  Mindanao has been hit especially hard.

Battery Powered Fan

I’ve found some relief.  This month I bought myself a battery powered fan.  It is said to run for up to five hours on low speed and

Battery Powered FAn

Battery Powered Fan

about 3 on high speed.  Its been a life saver, I’m probably exaggerating but I’m not sure.  In any case, I’m still here.  HAHA

I mostly slept through a long brown out.  It was for five hours and my fan ran the entire time. Jessie, being the angel she is, turned it on and put it near me.

Jessie must be glad though as now she doesn’t need to fan me.  A little self preservation on her part.  One night, our ya ya (maid and

nanny) fanned and fanned me. I was hot but she was hotter, sweating.  She is nice to me too.  I gave her a small bonus, not as much as she deserved but what I had.  I didn’t ask her to do that.  It was sweet.  I need to get some pictures of her.  She’s a very beautiful young woman.  Her cousin also works for us.  Also a very beautiful young woman.

Today, when the lights went out, I was already feeling pretty bad.  My skin was burning, I suppose my blood sugar is high.  This time, I decided to go to Jollibee and I took the fan with me.  I even walked down the street, holding the fan up and letting it keep me cool.

On our way out the door, Jessie gave me that, “your too much look.”  I only said, “I know they will laugh, but they will be sweating while they laugh!”  So, off I went with my fan held high and yes there were a few snickers along the way.  At Jollibee, people stared.  Then I pulled out the netbook and they stared some more.  But, I’m cool.

While walking down the street, I suggested that Jessie hold the fan up for me so I wouldn’t have too. HAHA. 🙂  Let’s just say, that didn’t happen.  I was joking, we white guys, get accused of having a harem of Filipina slaves.  I must say, I’ve been cheated.  I didn’t


Kind and Beautiful Cheryl

even get one!

The fan cost me about $50 bucks but I can live with that.  Jessie suggested I get another one.  I plan too but for now, I must save for my trip to Hong Kong which is coming two months sooner than I thought.

The lights are back on now, so I will pack up everything and head back home.  Until they turn the lights off again.  Could be as soon as today.  It rained a good bit in the Visayas, of which, Cebu is a part and that’s helped reduce the number of brown outs.  I wish it would rain much more!

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