The Magic Of A Moment In The Philippines

I’m not sure what it was last night and I don’t think I can capture it in words.  Magical moments are that way.  They are hard to share with others.  Last night, it was a hot and humid night in the Philippines.

I went for a walk at night, a walk down to the wharf.  Past all the videoke bars, near the end where the lights were off.  It was very hot, not a lot of breeze, the water in the bay was high.  Jessie and I sat and talked, about nothing.  I don’t remember what we talked about.  I enjoyed myself.  We sat and talked mostly out of the strong need to rest half way through my 1.5 mile walk.

It was hot, it was sweaty for me.  As we walked back toward the videoke bars, I don’t know it felt like something out of a Vietnam era war movie.  The sights and the sounds.  Those movies usually depict girls selling their wares to the soldiers but nothing like that goes on here.  Still it had that air about it.  The heat and the humidity played into it but a movie can’t really capture that.  Still, that’s what it felt like.

It was magical, I felt like a teen at the fair without my parents for the first time and captured by the wonder of it all.  I didn’t know why it felt like that at the time but there was just something special about it.

I didn’t take my camera, so there are no pictures.  It was just a walk for exercise, we didn’t visit any of the karaoke bars.  That’s not something Jessie and I do very often.  We have gone to the disco a couple of times but the singing we usually hear screeching from the videoke bars is really not that pleasant.  Still I enjoy the bad singing, and last night it was all very magical.

Again, tonight we were coming home after eating at the BBQ by the bay.  We stopped at the bakery so Jessie could get some ice cream.  She loves ice cream and it is her birthday.  Again, I felt this magical air to the night.  I saw a couple walking hand in hand and for some reason that was magical to me.  I don’t know what it is.

It may be the laid back atmosphere, the simpler life, a life of what is more important.  That importance revolves around family and friends and having a good time.  It helps that I’m in a safe place.  There is crime in Bogo City but there is not a lot of crime.  It seems pretty rare.  The mayor doesn’t put up with a lot of nonsense.  I don’t know what tools are used to keep the place clean and safe but I know they do it well.

Even the repressive humidity adds to the magic.   Its a magical place for reasons I cannot explain but then I guess that’s the way magic is.   If I could explain it, perhaps I would destroy the magic.  If you’ve never left the comfort of what you know, I suggest you get out and discover the magic of our world.

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