Choosy Beggar in Bogo

Tonight, a boy came to my table at the outdoor BBQ by the Bogo City Bay here in Northern Cebu Philippines.  The child pointed at my pork chops.  I asked if he wanted some rice and he didn’t want rice he wanted only BBQ.  That made me angry, but then I remembered he’s still a child.  I didn’t give him any thing.  If he was hungry he would have grabbed up that rice in a heart beat.  A Filipino turning down rice is unusual.

A little later another child pointed at my scraps but before I could find out what he wanted a worker at the BBQ ushered him away.  I got upset with him right off because of the other one.  I thought it was the same child.  Jessie told me it wasn’t and as we tried to ask him if he wanted some rice he was ushered a way.

I need to remember to react as if no one has asked before.  If I thought of God first, that’s exactly what I would do.  My working toward perfection has a long long way to go.  🙂  But this still is good information for the new expat or the tourist or world traveler if  you prefer to be called that instead.

Not long ago I spoke with a sailor that went to Cebu City and mentioned how the beggars there really got under his skin.  He said he’d give them something just to get rid of them.  NEVER EVER do that, the street beggars network and if one gets money they will then send their family and friends to you and  you will never be free of them after doing that.

On our way home tonight, I got in a tricycle that I couldn’t fit in.  LOL  The back seat in some of them is smaller than others.  He had much more room in the front seat but very little room in the rear.  I finally just gave up on getting all of me in there and settled for most of me.   I left my leg dangling out of the tricycle.  I wish I had a picture.

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