My Freaking Monkey Bit Me!

A few days ago, I decided to try to get Juliet out of her cage.   As you can see in the picture, it didn’t go to well for me.   I missed a preflectly good chance to get a great picture of my bloody finger but I didn’t think of that until hours later.  🙁  Too bad as it was streaming all down my arm.  She got me pretty good.   The massive amount of blood was because I take an aspirin every day.

Jessie, my girlfriend, had a hard time with me being hurt  It made her weak in the knees.  I only know though, because she told me.  She hid it well and took great care of me.  Though I insisted to be the one to pour alcohol in the wounds.

Monkey’s often mouth.  They take your hand or the top of your head and somewhat gently give you love bites.  She took my hand, I thought that is what she was going to do.  That was how it started but then it turned into a bite and a hard bite.  I smacked her on the head after she was done with me.  Aww, not hard but she looked at me like “What was that for.”  She knew what it was for, she was not playing.

Once I locked her cage back up, she started bouncing up and down on her bamboo pole, as if to say, haha, I won.  Its called displaying.  That made me mad enough to kill her but she had iron between she and  and I was not about to stick my hand back in there.

Philippine monkey bites finger

My Philippine Monkey Bite Me!

I probably should have grabbed her and pulled her out of there just to show her who is boss but I didn’t and it may be too late.  I know how to hold her so she can’t bite but she’s strong and its not easy to hold her that way.  Not if she wanted to put up a fight.

I may try again, I don’t know.  I pushed it.  I knew she didn’t want to get out.  It was raining and the noise was bothering her.  She was staying in the corner so I couldn’t get to her and I pushed it.  If I do stick my hand back in there, it will be with leather gloves on.  I hate to leave her in there for the rest of her life.

When we first got our first monkey, I did some reading and learned that one can expect their monkey to bite them.  I have now been bitten.  I think she started out to mouth me but I wont give her that chance again.  She bit the hand that fed her.  Not inclined to give her a second bite.

I’m living in the Philippines but its one Cebu experience, I could do without.  If it happens again, I hope I don’t’ forget to photograph the blood.

I don’t usually feel a lot of pain from wounds  I guess that seems strange but this has hurt.  Especially at night, the first two nights as I was trying to go to sleep.    Its still rather sore and it has been several days now.   I’m not use to pain like this.  My tolerance for this kind of thing is pretty high but this hurt.

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