Insurance says I have to pay $100.00 to be admitted.  I don’t have that this month.

But the lady I talked to told me things that were different from what everyone else told me.  So I will call back tomorrow and see if I get something else.  i was told I had to pay the doctor first regardless.  I was also told before that I had to go through Blue Cross to schedule a hospital stay.  This person said that is never how it works.  She told me that Chong Hua was not one of their Hospitals yet that is who they referred me to before.  This is getting to be a complete mess.

This is home though.  Treatment or no treatment this is where I’ll stay.

The cost appears to be much less.  The office visit was 500 peso or about $11.00  Try that in the USA!  Going to be running out of meds before much longer.  Still okay for now.

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