Hot Water, A Luxury in Cebu

Well at least for me, I hope.   Today we finally got a water heater installed and I’ve already enjoyed my first warm shower.  The unit is different from what I’ve seen in the past.  What I’ve seen in the past included holes drilled

Common Water Heater in Asia

Common Water Heater in Asia

into the pipe.  This one has no such holes.  Instead the shower head was removed and the heater attached to there.

Jessie loves to do things like that, with the right tools, she could have installed it, even I probably could have done so.  Though I doubt I would.  My interest if building things seems to have left me a long time ago.  Well most things.  I think it would be fun to build a sail boat that would actually sail but I don’t think I’m physically able to do it.  Oh well, it will be cheaper just get on someone else’s sail boat.  That doesn’t have much to do with water heaters though, does it.

Water heaters in much of the world are considerably different than what we took for granted in the USA and probably most other Western countries.  None of those 40 to 100 gallon units up in the attic.  Instead these water heaters hang on the wall and hold a very small amount of water.   The first time I saw one, I kind of turned up my nose and thought to myself, “That’s not a water heater!”

That was also one of my first wake up calls on what I needed to do, I needed to open my mind to what is important.  Now nearly a year and a half later, Americans seem kind of wasteful to me.  American’s are spending tons of money on things they don’t need.  Huge and wasteful water heaters are only one of those things.  I intended to write more articles about things American’s are spending too much money on.  You might be surprised on some of these.

In Cebu and many other parts of the Philippines, most live without hot water.  In Cebu, the water is fairly warm naturally much of the time.  In home in Bogo, when its cloudy the water is cold, sometimes it feels very cold.  In other areas, I’m uncertain how common hot water is for the Filipino.  My good friend that lives in Mindanao explained his water comes straight from the top of a mountain and his water is much colder.  When he visited Cebu City he stayed in a pension house that didn’t have hot water in his room and he said he didn’t miss it.  I suspect that most of the Filipino in his area, do not have hot water heaters in their homes.

Jessie, my Filipina girlfriend, certainly never had hot water in her home.  She lived in Leyte all of her life.  She is still not happy with cold showers.  She’s thrilled  with to have a hot water heater too.

I am enjoying the heck out of my water heater.  Oh I paid about $130 for it, including installation.  Last time I had to install one in a home in the USA was about 10 years ago and cost me more than $1200!

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