Living in Paradise

Wow, the temperatures have fallen to around 28C82F for highs and the wind is blowing with a gale warning issued over most of the Philippines and all the Filipina think they are turning into icicles and I’m in heaven!

Its a little odd that to me that I love 82 degree weather but I do.  Last year when I got here the temperatures were in this range and I was extremelyCute Filipina hot.  Sweating up a storm, soaking wet every time I dared to separate myself from my aircon.  Looks like I got use to it but still, I can’t get Jessie to get use to it.

I am really wanting to move to the mountains now as the temperatures are always in this range and I could have a grand time all year long.  But then, it just occurred to me that when ever I came down to the low lands, I would be miserably hot.  That’s a real concern.  Also, last night Jason asked us if we were going to move.  He said he doesn’t want to leave here as he likes it in Bogo City.  He has lots of friends. We told him if we do it wont be soon.

I like Bogo City too, seems like a good place for kids, a lot less trouble for them to get into.  Well kids can always find trouble but it will likely be less severe here.

I wanted to walk down to the end of the wharf last night.  The winds were blowing so hard there were white caps in the bay and the water was splashing over the road in places.   The wharf has a road running down its center.  Its a wider than normal two lane road.

It needs to be wider as there are people and street vendors all along the sides of the wharf.  It is a gathering place for young adults.  Most teens troll the parks.  Sometimes I’ve thought of taking a cooler and just hang out at the wharf.  We do hang out there but for shorter times than the locals tend to do so.  It is nice to live here as we don’t have a lot of safety concerns here.  Crime in Bogo City is very low.

Jessie, Jason and I went to the Bogo BBQ by the Bay last night, we try to take him with us on the weekends.  He wanted to go to the disco.  There was a temporary disco at the end of the street.  The “drum core” has been baning on their drums most of the weekend, we can hear them but I don’t have any idea what that is all about.  Japer’s disco was full of people last night.  Rumor is that the owner was summoned to city hall after the last bikini contest as his license doesn’t include bikini contest.  Sounds like the bikini bars may have objected to the competition.  At the prices they are charging, just as well.  I don’t think he’s going to get a crowd anyway.  If he does the crowd wont include me at P300 to P2000.

I sure wish the temperature and the wind would stay like this year round, but it wont, soon the temps will be back up to 90 and there will be far less wind as Bogo is protected from most of the wind.  Hard to tell that when Typhoon Frank came blowing in though.

I hope the ferries are not running, if they are, there will be reports in the Philippines soon of another capsized ship.  I don’t know if the biggest ones have a problem in these kinds of winds but the pump boat type ferries are not something I would get on right now.

I plan on spending most of the day out, Jessie is going out to pay the electric bill, on a Sunday?  The office is open in the city only on the 11th.  Surely they will move that to the 12th when it falls on a Sunday but I could be wrong.

It is too nice to stay here, locked up in a room and on a computer.  The aircon is off but we’ll probably have to turn it back on if we stay here.  Hopefully I’ll gets lots of good pictures today.  It is a bit cloudy which is good for me but not so good for pictures.

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