Efforts to Renew Peace Talks with Rebels

Friday, the government announced plans to form an advisory panel within Philippine Congress in efforts to get the peace process with Muslims in the Southern Philippines.  At least it is something.  As long as they are not talking, there is not much hope that fighting will stop.  I think fighting begets fighting.

I think that any plan to bring peace must include measures that would entice Christians in the area to embrace the process.  Since those Christians have also lived there for hundreds, if not thousands of years, those incentives are going to have to be too good to pass up.

I’ll refrain from making suggestions on that since I’m a foreigner and don’t want to be seen as meddling.  I’m not taking sides in the war.  My only side is the side that results in peace.  There are a lot of hardships being created by this war.  People are uprooted, outside investment is next to impossible to obtain with such strong political unrest.

Peace rarely comes without communication.  Hopefully this new panel will lead to communication.

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