Pedophiles In Cebu

About a year ago, some old guy took a 12 year old girl to Bantayan Island. He was alone with her!  Then he checked into a resort with her.

The resort owners soon called the authorities, he was arrested and the incident was generated several articles around the Philippine newspapers.  Resort owners are required to report such or

Precious Children Of The Philippines

they too can be charged.  If I recall, they didn’t report it until the two had spent at least one night alone.

I also noted several blogs around the web on the subject. Several where from Filipino.  Of course, I share their disdain toward this type of thing.

What I saw saddened me though. There appears to be a significant amount of hostility toward foreigners. It also seems, a lot of Filipino think most of us are here to do bad things with children. Maybe not most of us, I’m not sure though. Clearly they think a lot of us are here for that.

I’ve seen it. There WAS a guy here in Bogo City that had too many children around him. He hung out at the park. Instead of a motor bike or car, he had a kids minibike. The law in the Philippines is that unless the child is your child you are not allowed to be in their presence. Its not a matter of if you have done something improper with them, you can’t even be around them!

After this case and another similar situation from Bantayan Island, the Bogo City expat promptly disappeared.   I don’t know what happened to him. I hope he went back to where ever he came from.

I want to say that many of us come for the culture and safety and the low cost of living. That culture includes the loving Filipina. The Filipina is a very special creature and I enjoy them. However, for most of us, it includes only adult Filipina.

Yes, it happens too often. A sixteen or seventeen year old girl and a much older foreigner. I’d say 99 out of a hundred of even those men didn’t come here for that.  They loose to temptation and few hours of bad choices destroys the rest of their lives.

Filipino Too

This is not limited to Westerners.  There are far more Filipino engaging in this disreputable behavior.  You can find around the net that the age of consent in the Philippines is twelve.  This goes back to ancient times.  There are other laws on the books that make the age of consent to be Eighteen.

In some places, it’s not uncommon for a family to sell the rights of their twelve year old daughters and it still goes on.  However, as I understand it, its more of future rights.  The girl is promised to the man.  I don’t know a lot about this practice, I know that it goes on.  From what I’m told, deep in  the jungle and the mountains of the Philippines.

The law on anti-human trafficking seems to allude to this practice.  There is a clause that states the law is not intended to circumvent family customs in the Philippines.  I don’t know exactly how to take that though.  There are also severe penalties for what is basically selling your child into slavery.  I don’t know how to reconcile all of this in my mind.

Sexual Extortion

Guys, the law also makes it so the women involved are always victims.  They can’t be charged, instead, they are to come under government rehabilitation.   That makes the practice of preying on the children of the Philippines extremely dangerous.

She can lure you in, she can tempt you and if you show your human side and succumb, she can send you to jail.   I’ve seen cases in the paper where a teenage Filipina had sexual relations with an expat and then go to police.  The expat sometimes finds the charges are dropped after paying a large fee to the girl and her family.

Are these guys setup?  Sometimes they are.  Sometimes it was the soul purpose of the girl and her family to extort large amounts of cash from you.  Not very pretty but it happens.  So, if you come here for that, man, you must be crazy.

I know that telling you there are plenty of grown women, many barely grown for you to enjoy will do nothing.  Something in you is wired different, wrong by most peoples standards.   I wish you’d stay where you are though and not come to the Philippines and give the rest of us Westerners a bad name.

Being against child abuse is like being against the plague.   Everyone is against both.  Some don’t consider it abuse!  Wonder how it feels to the girl, even if she’s not in a position to protest.  Wonder what its going to do to the rest of her life.  I don’t think its going to be a positive thing for her.   I try to accept people the way they are but if you think its not abuse, you’re just wrong.  Few things in life are as obvious as this is.  If you don’t think its abuse you need some professional help.  You need some compassion.  You need to be forced to leave the kids alone!

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