Party in Cebu City

Sinulog is billed as the largest and best festival in the land of festivals also known as the Philippines. 🙂  I suspect there are some other locations in the Philippines that would dispute that claim and probably make the same for themselves as well.

I have only seen pictures and it does look like a grand event indeed.  I wish I was going to be there but the traffic is going to make it impossible to go the day of the parade and Jessie thinks it would be too much for me.  Standing for as long as might be necessary might be too much.

Tomorrow, Sunday January 18th is the grand parade.   School will be out on Monday because of this.  The kids came home early on Friday as the teacher left for Cebu.

There have been contest going on for all of January.  I noticed one of the elementary schools from Bogo City on one such competition.   But the parade is the big day.  Hotels are sold out and according to at least one report, over booked.

I do wish I was going to be there.  The people will be dressed in native party dress, with mask and other dazzling costumes with dancing in the street.  It would be a wonderful opportunity for pictures and the temperatures are cooler than usual.   The winds have died down and the clouds are not quite as thick but still much milder conditions than normal.

I would love to hear of your experiences with Sinulog from the past or this year.  Please post your story as a comment and help me and other experience Sinulog through you.

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