MILF Shoots Down USA Spy Plane

The Moro Islamic Liberation Foundation is claiming it shot down an American drone usually used as a reconnaissance tool but they can also deliver missiles and other offensive weapons of war.   The planes can be launched from Washington or any place in the world and flown by remote control.  Militants  claim they used automatic rifles to shoot them down.

There are reports that another drone from the USA crashed after flying into a coconut grove. Also in Mindanao.  MILF has pointed out that using aid from US Military to assist with an internal conflict is a violation of the Philippine Constitution.

I’m a little confused.  These drones normally fly at such a high altitude that there is no way automatic fire from a rifle could reach them.  They can’t be heard from the ground when  the planes at those altitudes.  Perhaps they brought them down low so they could peer into the rain forest of the Philippines.

The US and the Philippines do not admit to any of this as far as I know and I wouldn’t think they would, especially if it is unconstitutional.  I suspect though that it would be unconstitutional only if the Philippines asked for it and there are probably different definitions of assistance too.  Nothing would prevent the USA from flying those drones over here and then giving the information to the Philippines.

Still, that a badly equiped militia could take down drones that normally fly above 30,000 feet seems very odd to me.  The papers here are reporting it as fact.  I think it is far more likely the crash did happen and the MILF now wish to gain status by claiming to shoot one down.  If they have one, they will prove it.

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