Another video of the Philippines, I took while walking around Bogo City in Northern Cebu, Philippines.   This time though, I’m harassing my girlfriend, Jessie.  Actually our neighbour with the rooster turned out to be just fine,  I like him better than most! But, her trying to not answer me then letting it slip is a riot to me.

“That Was Just Talk”

“What was it if it wasn’t true.”  Did you notice, I never got an answer?

And of course, the roosters can be heard loud and clear in this video.  I think that should be the trademark sound of the Philippines and the national bird too!

Now before I got here, she told me I could video tape her at any time I wanted too.  Of course, once I got here she was much less brave and complained any time the camera was on her.  As you can see though, I persist.  I sure wish I had a digital video camera.  As soon as I get rich from all the money I make on the web (when I do) I will get a digital video cam.

She is pretty good at pestering me too but don’t tell her I said that.  Me though, I’m the master pester.  Harassing me, its generally means you’re going to catch all heck later.

“I Admit I Am Wrong”

If the camera had not been on, she would have never admitted she was wrong.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say it before or after.  I’ve never heard any Filipina say it.

I have a lot of videos of the Philippines.  They are all casual.  I will share them as I can.  I will have more video tape soon.  I was told I could get it on Colon Street in Cebu City but I have never been able to find any.  So this time, I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon when I made my last purchase.

I think He’s a Little Confused

Now did the Southern Boy come shining through when I said that?  That is definitely a Southern Thing.  Its okay, so am I and its too bad the rest of you are not.   Jessie once told me it sounds like I’m singing when I talk  That’s really a nice thing, I think.

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