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Treasure of Asia:  The Filipina

The Filipina, also known as a bebot in Tagalog,  or dai in Cebuano in other languages for younger Filipina or women of the Philippines.   She is something you must experience to understand.  And like any other human, Filipinashe is complex and no two are just alike.  Any time you start trying to describe a whole class of women in a country, you risk being labeled as stereo typing.

I’ve only begun to understand the Philippines and the Filipino, whether it be pinoy (male) or pinay (female) but I feel like I’ve come to understand Filipina better than I have pinoy.  Probably because I’m far more interested in Filipina!

Much about the Filipina will be  determined from being poor.  Not all Filipina are poor but more are poor than not poor.  If a single mother can find a job, it is unlikely she makes $200 a month.  Most cannot find work at all.  Unless  you are working by the age of 25, it is unlikely you will work for someone else.  Though many women find ways to start their own businesses.

Quiet Strength

There is a calm about the Philippines, well outside of the traffic but then, Filipino blow their horns in politeness rather than rudeness most of the time.  Filipino blow their horn usually to let you know they are there butyes, sometimes to show disgust too.

Filipina are the epitome of calmness.  Oh they can get upset, I’ve seen a Date Filipinacouple of Filipina draw a lot of attention to themselves when they were in public.  Jessie tells me that a display of temper is not an unusual thing, but my guess is that happens within family situations.  I have yet to see any Filipino getting upset in a business.

When a dispute arises with a Filipina, they talk and ask questions and then walk away calmly.  Jessie has several times delivered news to me that made me want to go through the roof!  She would talk to the business person, in a very calm way.  There would be smiles and I would think all is worked out.  Then she would turn to me and tell me something that my western ears found next to impossible to believe.

Filipina are almost always polite but don’t take their silence as quiet agreement.  They may choose not to argue but rather wait until the matter becomes important and something they must deal with.

Simple Filipina Beauty

Before coming here, I met a girl online and she started her webcam.  I told her she was very pretty and she said no, “Its simple Filipina beauty.”  I thought for a minute and I said something like, you know, you are right.  But I don’t know if I could call it simple any more and in person their beauty takes on a sensuality that is just not likely to come across online, no matter what she does.

This so called simple Filipina beauty is enough to drive a mere man into a frenzy.  When you are here and you see thousands of Filipina and watch thousands of them walk, expect to be driven slightly insane as this beauty is not simple at all.  The hottie Filipina is a common sight.

The Filipina is enchanting, magical and will help make your life be all it could want it to be.  If you treat her good, she will be good to you, loyal to you and do everything she can to please you.  Respect her, and she will love you.

I hope this series of articles will be of use to you.  Some of what I have to say  on this subject has been learned the hard way.  You can learn from my mistake and hopefully avoid some of them.  Part II of this article will be made available soon.  The series will cover the good and the not so good.

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