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It seems no matter what I do or where I go in the Philippines, there is always the chance for some thing strange to happen.    Tricycles often bottom out.  These are tricycles attached to a motor cycle.  Usually uneventful.  Jessie tells me of the story when she and her friends in high school poured so many people onto one that they turned it over!

We were headed out to PhilPost (Philippine Post Office) to mail off my monthly claim for my medications and this month also to get a post office box.  We have no street number for our house so I don’t like to mail things to it.   Hopefully things will make it to us better.  In fact, when I got the box today they found a mail item that has been there for six weeks intended for me.  I had ordered a free Ubuntu CD and they sent it, even to the Philippines.

The address was a little off so there it still sat.  The post office box cost about $6 a year.  I’ve been using a service to scan my mail but I need to save that P1500 I’m spending a month.  That’s enough to pay for a motor scooter with a little left over!

Anyway, on our way there, the seat I was on broke.  We hit a bump and the seat I was on was no longer a seat!  I had to hold myself up at the knees, once we got to the post office I was dead tired and my legs were about to give out on me and I was short of breath.   A testament to my poor shape!

I’m a bit of a giant, its not the first time I sat on something that broke and you don’t even have to be as big as me to have this happen.  I see expats that wont sit on bamboo chairs as they are not always the strongest things either. I broke one of those too.  When I see a westerner now they look huge.  Because I’m so use to seeing smaller framed people.  There are some big and very strong Filipino but most are much smaller than most westerners.

Anyway, it was amusing and I was thinking just how out of place I am.  An average size American breaks things around these parts but I’m probably 1 and a half average size Americans.  Geesh and I even lost a pound this week.

I’m headed to Cebu City soon though and I’m sure I’ll destroy that while I’m there.  Maybe not.

We walked back from the post office.  Its a bit over a mile.  Took a picture of two pretty Filipina and met a retired Colonel from the Philippine Army.  He showed me some scars he got he picked up from some shrapnel due to an encounter with the New Peoples Army (NPA) which is a communist rebel group here in the Philippines.

Jessie brought some fruit from a street vendor near our home.  We also stopped in a building supply house to check prices on a water heater.   They had some good prices if we understood correctly.   We have to clarify something.  We found a nice shower head set with nice jets that was P7200 and we asked if it was hot water too.  They guy said P8000.  I thought he meant another P800 but he may have meant an additional P8000 and that I wont be doing.

We also stopped in at a scooter dealer.  They were selling Rusi brand scooter.  I’ve never heard of them but the price is right.  Can get a 11o CC scooter for p40,000 or P4000 down and about P1800 a month for three years.

I was going to post some pictures from today but the computer is not cooperating .  I can’t get it to read the camera or CD-rom.  I think Jessie’s going to have to re-install windows.

We had a good walk.  I wonder what adventures tomorrow will hold for us.  One never knows what unusual event will show itself next when one leaves the country of his birth and ends up in another world on the other side of the world.  Such is life for the exapt living in Cebu.

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