Errands in Cebu City

Jessie and I made a trip to Cebu City on Wednesday and had a good time.  Found some interesting things and had some wonderfulJessie and Rusty in Cebu City pizza and Starbucks coffee.

I had a good time, but the trip was not a complete success.  My main purpose was to get my Philippine or international drivers license.  That didn’t go well at all


Our first stop after the North Bus Terminal was to take a taxi to the South Bus Terminal.  I thought the names of the bus terminals were related to their location within Cebu City.  That’s not accurate at all.  In one terminal all the buses head to northern Cebu Island while in the South terminal they head to the southern part of the Island.  Seems kind of silly of me now.

We went to the South Terminal because that’s where I was told that was the best Land Transportation Office (LTO) in which to obtain my license.  However, when I got there, I couldn’t even get in the building.  There was a very long line.  Part of the problem was that the system was down.  I was told the LTO Chief could help people cut through some of the red tape but I couldn’t even get in to see him.  I couldn’t get into the building as there was a huge mob of people engulfing the door.

One of the fixer approached me and was trying to be helpful but I told her I didn’t need a license that bad.  I need to get it before my US license expires.  It will be much more difficult after that.  Since I was unable to obtain it, I’m going to try to get it from the branch in Bogo City.  If that doesn’t work, I’m going to have to go back to Cebu City and try again.

Several people told me that I should have gone to the Mandaue office and not the Cebu City office.  The person that told me to the South Bus Terminal told me it was always a mad house but the day before she told me it would take an hour.  I think it was a communication breakdown.  She’s a good friend to know.

I’m just not able to sit out in the sun all day or wait in a line for hours.  If I could do it, I’d be rather sick the next day.  I decided to just try again another day.

Shopping in Cebu City

Some of the things we need each month are not available in Bogo City, mostly groceries.  Just a few things.  Sugar free candy, sugar free chocolate milk mix and spam being the main ones.  I also got some macaroni and cheese, neither of which is very good for me but  I have to eat something!  Fish is good and cheap but I get so frustrated picking out the bones, I just don’t want to deal with it.  I suppose that  is massive lazy but I can’t help it.

There is a store in SM Mall that I actually enjoy shopping in.  Shopping is usually not one of my favorite things to do.  Walking around looking at the same variations of other peoples stuff just doesn’t have a lot of appeal for me.

Kultura Filipino

You might guess that means Filipino culture and you would be correct.  This store has items all about the Philippines.  I don’t know if the items are actually made in the Philippines but Jessie says they are.  They are definetly Filipino inspired though.  A back scratcher made from carabao (water buffalo) horn.  Others make use of bamboo for their handles as do many other items such as eating utensils.  I would love to load our home up with these kinds of items some day.  I hope I get the chance to make that happen.

You can also watch a Filipina make cigars.  She does this completely by hand.  They have some truly beautiful guitars as well.  It is a store that a healthy person could spend a lot of time in.  I spent quite a bit of time in it myself.

I had the chance to enjoy my favorite food while there, PIZZA.  It was from Pizza Hut, hey I know its not one of the smaller shops in the states that excel at pizza but its pretty good for an American expat living in the Philippines!

I’m going to post a follow up article related to this featuring some of the pictures I took.

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