She finally got someone.  Juliet, my Filipino Monkey finally managed to sink her teeth into one of the local kids.  She may be aswang.  Aswang?  Filipino shape shifting vampires.  It seems she spends a lot of time looking for a chance to bite someone.

Monkey Attack  - ready to pounce
Two days ago, I saw a group of kids out there and I said Unggoy mama-ak.  One of the little boys gave me a sly grin and walked over to put his hands on and even inside the cage.  I just chuckled and walked away.  My guess is he’s been feeding the little monster.

Today, Jessie came back from the bank to find the ya ya doctoring his hand.  Jessie said she didn’t make him bleed.  He was probably scared.  If she had wanted him to bleed he would have been bleeding!  Most of the kids don’t get their fingers any where near her as she delights in leaping across her cage toward them just to watch them scatter and hear them squeal.

I’m very glad that the child didn’t get hurt badly.  It could have been worse.

Monkeys are not chimps.  One monkey is not going to inflict horrible wide spread damage on a human.  I’m not sure they couldn’t take a finger off though.  That would be horrific!

This could be a problem for me.  Some parents would use this situation as a means to extract cash.   Hopefully this boy’s will tell him something like, put your hand in a monkey cage, expect to get bit.  Hopefully there wont be a longer follow up story to this.

Juliet is a delight but she doesn’t get out of her cage much.  She’s just too wild.  She outgrew her harness so I had to take it off her.  That will make it hard to get her out.   She needs to be out.  She needs to be with her own kind.  I don’t think she could survive in the wild but maybe she’d be better off dying in the wild than living in a cage.  I don’t know.

I’m glad I had the chance to save her life.  She is so much more of a monkey now that she is strong.  I can handle her just fine but I’d be worried about anyone trying too.   She is no replacement for George, my first monkey that was quite well trained.  No he was not tame, he too was wild and would bite at times, even me, but he was also very loving.

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