The Philippines has been actively supporting Filipino that wish to work overseas as a way to bring new cash into the financially developing country.  UNICEF, a Children’s Fund that is a part of the United Nations (UN) is sending the alarm that it is mostly women that are taking these jobs to become domestic helpers and ripping families apart.

They often leave children behind, often the oldest daughter takes over the role of mother and the oldest daughter often feels the most anger and abandonment due to her mothers leaving the country.  Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) can make significantly more in the US or Canada than they can in the Philippines.  Arabic countries and Canada are the countries with the biggest demand for OFW’s.

It is hard, people often live in such poverty here that it makes it very hard to turn down work, wherever it may be.  My girlfriend was once in a desperate state after her aunt died.  Things worked out for her but she was scared.

But these Filipina are often abused when they get to the foreign land, sometimes in countries were women are second class citizens.  I know of a girl now that just went to Lebanon.  She was close to friend with my girlfriend.   She’s been gone over a month now and we’ve not heard a word from her since she left.  It is like she just vanished.

Human trafficking continues to be a problem in the Philippines.  Filipina tend to be very pretty women.  Some know what they are getting into, others are lied to.  Told they will be models only to end up having their passports taken from them and the girls thrown into the worlds oldest profession.  Now I’m not saying that always happens, that’s not true.  I know a woman who went to Saudi Arabia to be a nurse and a nurse is what she was.

However, even her story is not a good one.  I don’t remember exactly what happened but someone got less than perfect treatment and they died.  She didn’t do it but she was a supervisor and was placed under house arrest for many years.

Filipina, please be careful, there are a lot of bad stories  regarding OFW’s even in Canada.  People are promised to be retrained in their fields but they are significantly downgraded once they get there.

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