IloIlo Crackdown on Unregistered Recreational Workers

Dinagyang Festival

I have been trying to figure out how to write about this story for a while.  The problem is I need to write about it in a way that advertisers wont object IloIlo City Philippinestoo.  To get a clearer idea of what I’m referring too you may wish to visit this article about IloIlo’s Dinagyang Festival that will be in full swing this coming weekend.

Radio dzBB reported the story over the air and GMA printed it.  If accurate, this seems so foreign to what I know about the Philippines.  If you have unregistered workers, that implies you have legal registered workers.

I’ve turned off comments on this post due to the sensitive nature of the subject.  If you wish to comment in private, I’ve added a form making it easier to do so.  I’m very confused over this one.  It seems like a realistic way to go about things but the subject is so taboo in the Philippines, I’m having trouble understanding this openness about it going on.

I’m use to a blind eye being turned toward this kind of thing but to openly discuss it, that is harder to grasp.  The article however doesn’t mention any government official so it may be safe to assume that it is still a hush hush topic.  This provides some insight into the Philippine Culture.

Update:  The original article was removed from the GMA site but this link will help you to some extent:

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