Fiesta, Friends, Bikini’s and a Beach in Cebu

About 15 miles north of Bogo City is a secret known as Virgin Beach Resort Cebu (VBR). Not that the management wants it to be a secret but it is more of one than he wishes I think.

The owner, known as Uncle Ron is an American but has a deep understanding of the lifestyle of the Cebuano.  Deeper than mine, I’m getting there but he’s been participating for a Virgin Beach Resort, Banca Boatsfew more years than I have.  He definitely has that laid back feeling about him, most often found in the older pinoy (male Filipino).  I’m starting to get that more laid back approach to life as well though I don’t know if it yet shows on me.

The ride into the resort was a treat, some of the roads were not so great but that’s just the way things are in the Philippines from time to time.  It doesn’t bother me, I think it adds to the atmosphere.  I enjoy it.  So much in life is how we choose to respond to events.  The Philippines is a good place to rethink your uptight ways.  Of course, faith doesn’t hurt this process either.

The road for the last part of the trip is well maintained but it might be bad if two cars meet at the same time.  I’m not sure how they would get around each other.  I loved this.  It reminded me of going hunting on my grandmothers land when I was a teenager and young adult.  Well away from civilization, more than a mile from any major road.

The resort is well hidden away from the rest of the world and all the noises that goes along with the civilized world.  Pretty much the only sound you’ll hear is the waves of the Camotes sea that lies along Cebu Island’s eastern shore.

It was a windy day and that made for a bit more wave action than one would might normally have.  I’m not sure because I’ve not been there before.  Temperatures were very mild today and there was even a fine mist in the air for part of the day.  A mist so fine that I’m told some Cebuano refer to it as snow.  Trust me though, it is not snow.  Though Cebuano feel like they may freeze at 25C there is no danger of the water doing so as that’s about 77F.  By 11:30, the mist was gone.

Only three girls for the bikini contest but that didn’t surprise me.  I wasn’t expecting a big turn out and the three girls where just your average run of the mill, beautiful Filipina and a bit shy which made them more charming than what one usually finds at such contest.  That being “bar girls” imported in from Cebu City.

There was a small band playing native Filipino music, no singing, just acoustic guitar, a couple of banjos and a guy with a base drum.  They were very enjoyable.  They work very cheap, I could afford to hire them for a family get together if we ever did that kind of thing.  🙂

We had lechon, fried chicken, fish and many other fruits and vegetables that I of course didn’t eat.   Jessie was surprised I ate and liked the fish since it was covered in carrots, but it didn’t state like carrots so I did like it quite a bit.  Also very few bones.  They had pakwan (watermelon), banana and buko salad.  Not that I know what buko is.  It looked more like mush to me.  🙂  But that’s me, everyone else seemed to love it all.  My favorite was the chicken and fish.  Lechon is good, but doesn’t have a lot of taste.  It is usually dipped in vinegar, but I really dislike vinegar.  It is also a little slimy but not too bad and what flavor it does has, is very good.

The pool at VBR looks very inviting.  It’s large and winding with a bamboo bridge over the pool.  There is a large slide that the children put to grand use and there is a kiddie pool for the toddlers.  There are covered tables great for a family outing and you can bring your own food.  There is a P200 fee for use of the table though.

There is also a put-put course that looks like it could present quite a challenge and don’t forget the pool table and karaoke player ready for the guest use.

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