Filipina Watching While Getting Fit

On the first, Jessie was in Cebu City and I decided to go walking before she got back.  Going without her brought out the braveness of the local Filipina.  Since I am a professional flirt, Pretty Filipinathis was perfect for me.  As soon as one of them tried to get my attention, they also got their picture taken.  I had to all but stalk two of them and never did get a good picture of those two.

I’ve felt like I had a sinus infection coming on and I didn’t want to take more antibiotics so i kept putting them off and not walking.  So I haven’t been walking again until today.  I may post those pictures in another post.  I have not reviewed them yet.  I didn’t get many as the battery was dead in my camera.

A little trick for the guys.   If you see a school girl in uniform and you can’t tell how old she is, then look at their feet.  If they have socks on, then they are in high school.  No socks equals college. You still don’t know if they are 18 but at least you’re in the ball park.  🙂  Most people finish high school here when they are 16.  i just learned today that they don’t have middle school here.  No seventh or eight grade at all!

I also took some pictures of kids on this walk at the “big park” here in Bogo City. Neither Jessie  or myself have yet to learn the name of that park.  Shame on us. 🙂  I hope you like the latest installments of photos I take while walking in Cebu.

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