Walking in Bogo City 12-12-08

We took a tricycle to the post office which is located at Bogo City Hall.  And then we walked back.  The battery in my pedometer is dead and so far we can’t find that particular battery type, even in Cebu City. So, I don’t know how far we walked.  Jessie said it was a long walk, but I don’t think it was any longer than most of our walks.

We came upon several Bogo City churches.  I only took pictures from the outside though.  I might get brave enough to go in them next time.  Jessie was a little concerned we might be intruding.  They are not catholic we don’t know their customs and what is acceptable to them.  She’s a bit shy and doesn’t want to ask.  I’m a bit English and can’t ask.  LOL

One of the churches really confused me.  The sign on the outside seemed to be indicating it was an English speaking church but then the sign that displayed this was in Spanish.  So I’m confused. 🙂

At city hall, I noticed two ordinances posted on the bulletin board worth talking about.  One was regarding the recent ruling by the supreme court removing the city status of Bogo municipality.   It basically gave the mayor the authority to work with other affected cities and wide ranging power to restore the town’s status to a city.  As far as I’m concerned, its still a city.  Several cities lost their status when the Philippine National Legislature made an exception regarding an income average.  The mayor of the affected cities were upset while the City of Cebu was very happy over it.

I also noticed the creation of a new agency to help improve the nutritional status of children in Bogo City.  It is nice too see efforts being made in that area.  I think it is in large part caused from eating too much rice and dried fish and not much else.  Which of course, has much to do with poverty.

At the post office, I was a bit surprised that we didn’t go to a counter, we went into the post office directly where the workers are.  I took a picture, but as I feared, the light coming in from the back of the scene ruined the shot.

I forgot to take a picture of Bogo City Hall itself.  LOL  Which I found a good reason to laugh at myself.  We did find a scary bridge.  There are no side rails on it.  Its a small bridge, possibly built by the people that live in the area.  It was behind city hall, a wooded area which always seems to call my name.  The hills though made me doubt the wisdom of going down the trail.

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