In The Philippines too Long?

I think I’ve been in the  Philippines too long.  How do I know?  I’ve started thinking that Spam is really bacon.  This is especially true when they burn it a bit too much.  I’m being funny but its true.  I have not really been here too long, I’ve just learned to adapt.

There is bacon here, I just don’t buy it.  For me to have enough bacon requires that I eat the entire package.  And no one knows better than I do that that is not a good idea. Especially for diabetics that are too fat to start with.

When I first came to the Philippines, everything seemed so strange.  All those things are normal to me now.  At least all those things that I can recall.  Traffic is an eye opener.  We must have too many rules in the West.  Driving looks like chaos but it works just fine, better than in the USA.  Well, in many respects it does.  People from New York could come here to learn what a traffic jam really is.  I don’t see nearly as many wrecks here though.  And it amazes me that is true.  Perhaps, people driving here know they have to watch out of the other guy as there’s  not telling what might be coming down the road at you next.

3 Types of SPAM

Bacon in The Philippines

If you think warm water is obtained by waiting till the sun is high in the sky and that you just need to wait for the sun to warm the water in the pipes, you might have been living in the Philippines too long.

Its all good though, its the way we do it here and we humans have quite the ability to adapt.  I suppose its built into our genes.

I see a lot of Westerners complain about everything about the Philippines.  Sometimes these people just like to complain  I prefer to complain about the complainers, not that that makes a lot of sense, then I become more like them!  One thing you will notice though, those that have been here for more than a year, they complain less about the Filipino way.  It is in part because they have learned much from Filipino.  They may not like to admit it but often they find that they didn’t know as much as they thought they did.  Of course, some people hardly have anything positive to say about anything.  Its much easier to dislike some thing.  If you admit to liking something then you put yourself in a position to be criticized.  So our negative comments are often just a way to gain acceptance.

If you are with a group that complains about the Philippines, then you, like them are just smarter than the people here.  You know better than them.  you know their way is all wrong.  Since your group collectively knows this, you become accepted by the group.  You reinforce each others negativity and thus your smartness.  Problem is, you are only smarter in this group.  So you can go right on believing that you’re smarter.  That you are better!

In conclusion, I have to ask myself, is it that I’ve been in the Philippines too long or did I wait too long to come to the Philippines.  I think, its the later, I waited way too long to decide that it is time for me to live in the Philippines.  You should come, the Filipino will teach you much about life.

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