Hungry Children in Bogo City and The World

Tonight I saw one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long time.

We had four boys approach us while we were at the Bogo City BBQ by the Bay.  I can’t tell what they are saying but all beggars use the same tone of voice, at least all the children I’ve heard so far.  I was

irritated at first.  I’ve been tense all day today and now these kids are going to start hounding us at my favorite place to eat.  I go there cause it is cheap.

Jessie told me they were asking for food.  Awww, that’s different.  Usually it is parents sending their kids out to beg so they can snort there speed.  But this is different and softened me up considerably.  But then things got worse.

These children were watching us and waiting for us to finish.  The moment we got up, even before we left, they raced each other to get the scraps off our plates!  Not much different than a pack of wild dogs.  They got what they could and then ran away.

They serve the pork chops. chicken, IUD (chicken intestine)  and other meat on a stick.  There is fat and bone that can’t be eaten, at least not by me.  Jessie and I had a favorite stray we use to feed these scraps too but it seems the Bogo dog catcher got her the other day.  We saw them trying, it took them several days.  She has been replaced by the boys!

When we got up to leave tonight we got a surprise.

The four boys raced to be the first to remove the scraps from our table!

They are dirty and who knows where they sleep.  The BBQ is open late into the morning, 3AM I believe.  The other day they were there at midnight.  One of the boys is shown in this picture.  His eyes don’t have the glow of a happy child.

I don’t know what else to say.  I want to ask where the organizations are to help people like this.  UNICEF, Christian Children’s Fund, The Catholic Church and the Philippine Government but they may do much more than I know.  I do know what Joe is doing and Joe doesn’t know what I do.

And in no way do I wish to reflect poorly on Bogo City, the city is an awesome place to live.  I’ve only met one person that doesn’t like Bogo and she wont be here long.  I love it, it is a very nice place to bring up kids.

There has been a lot of discussion about birth control here.  I’ll just say consider the issue along with the horror of hungry children.

The reader may ask, but what have you done?  It is improper to say, the bible tells us do not let the right hand know what the left hand is giving.  Okay so it may be the other way around.  Part of me wants to go get them and just take them in but who knows, they may have parents.  Someone might accuse me of something horrible if I did.  I’ll just say, when you say people asking for food, give them something.   Never mind that I’m doing without some things I need.  Still, I type this on my computer, while watching TV, sitting under my AIRCON and sitting on the bed I will sleep on tonight.  It is more common than not to sleep on the floor at night here.  For many Filipino the most they can hope for is a mattress for the floor.

Expats, I call especially upon you to give to the Hungry

We can have a good life here but it is often on the back of some of the Filipino.  We have a good life here because the cost of services are so low.  Unreasonably low.  People are so poor because what they earn is so low not because they don’t work.  Sure some are lazy, sometimes I’m lazy but many work very hard for a dollar or two a day.  If they haven’t established themselves with a company by the age of thirty they have almost no chance of getting hired.  Look at the classifieds in the newspaper.  Often a college degree is required and almost always, they must be under thirty years old and that’s for management jobs.  For entry level jobs it is usually below 25 years old.

Those of you that have your paperwork done, hire who you can.  If you’re like most expats, including myself, that is just not possible.  You can contribute a couple of pods of rice to a child with his hand out.  I do know that expats here often give to these causes.  It is a dream of mine, maybe never will happen, to be a part of an organization of expats that will help feed the hungry of the Philippines.  We owe it to the country to give back.

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