Last month I visited Bantayan Island and feel in love with the place!  I haven’t been able to write all the articles about my first visit and I have already setup plans for a second visit.  This time I’m going wind surfing!

Thought I would write about  what it cost to get there .  I’m living in Bogo City, so I’m very close.   In my next post, I will write about where I stayed and what it cost to stay there.

I’ll start my trip as if I was in Cebu City.   To get here you can get a van or taxi to take you all the way.  That’s the more comfortable way to get here but will cause your cost to rise  significantly.  The cheapest way to get there is from the North Bus Terminal in Cebu.  The van’s and taxi’s will usually cost around P2500 to P4000 though I have had one offer to take me back to Bogo City for P1800 after his initial offer of P3000.

The bus will cost you less than P150 or $3.25.  Anyone that comes to the Philippines should experience a bus trip at least once.  If it is raining, it will be hot as they raise the windows.  There was one or two air conditioned bus but as of last month, it was no longer making the trip.

You catch the bus at the North Bus Terminal in Cebu. City  Any taxi driver can take you there.

Cebu City North Bus Terminal

Cebu City North Bus Terminal

You should take the bus to Hagnaya from Cebu City.  When you get there people will ask you were you are going.  They place a sign in the window of the bus showing where it is going.  Its really pretty country on this trip.  Often poor country but I find  beauty in the simple life of the average Filipino.

Hagnaya is very rural, lots of dirt roads but again, I found it an awesome place to take pictures.  Hagnaya is where you will get a ferry to carry you over to Bantayan Island.   The bus  terminal is at the port.  Tell the conductor where you are going and he will help you get off at the proper place.   Its the end of the line.  Basically, you’re out of Cebu Island when you get there.

There are three shipping companies.   Ask someone where to get your ferry ticket.  You can also get some BBQ if you like.   There is a lot of help there, of course, the language barrier is a bit of a problem but you’ll get where your going.  People speak enough English that you can get where you’re suppose to.   Filipino have a lot of trouble with my southern accent.

Road at the Hagnayan Port

Road at the Hagnaya Port

Filipina at BBQ in Hagnaya Town

Filipina at BBQ in Hagnaya Town

Island Shipping Co.

Ferry to Bantayan Island

We took a boat provided by this company.  We had to wait about an hour for it to arrive.  It took about an hour to get there.   The ship provides first class, second class and third class seating.  It is only P10 more for first class over second class.  Third class is down with the engine room.  First class has air conditioning but second class is open to the air so it would be fine there, especially when the ship is moving.   First class also has cushioned seats.  For P10 difference, I would go first class.   You can move around where ever you like if you do.

Ferry Comes to Port

Ferry We Took In Route To Bantayan Island

This ship is pretty slow and it took about an hour to get to the island.   We could have taken a fast craft that cuts the time in half but we would have to wait to get it.  No point in that.

First Class Seating in Airconditioned Area

First Class Seating in Airconditioned Area

There is some beautiful scenery leaving Hagnaya but it is short lived.  Soon there is nothing but beautiful blue water.  You get a better view if you go  to the second class area and the breeze should keep you from over heating.  Maybe not if your fresh from the West a bit spoiled by always having an aircon like I did when I first got here.

Second Class

Second Class Seating Area

The lady in the picture below brought a chicken on board.  I think it looks like a turkey myself but Jessie is the expert on Filipino chickens and she says it is a chicken.

Lady with a Chicken on The Ferry to Bantayan Island

Lady with a Chicken on The Ferry to Bantayan Island

Below you’ll see a few shots I took as we were leaving the main island of Cebu Province.  I was taking these pictures through glass.  They still came out decently.

Coastal View from The Ferry

Coastal View from The Ferry

Beautiful Place to live!  Hagnayan Bay, Philippines

Beautiful Place to live! Hagnaya Bay, Philippines

And finally, our first picture of Bantayan Island.  I don’t have the right camera for a picture like this so I have to settle with what I can do.  This is the beach at Marlin Hotel and Resort.   The picture was taken as we were pulling into port at Santa Fe in Bantayan Island.  We stayed at Tristan’s on this trip.  It is between us and the tip of the island there.

Santa Fe Beach on Bantayan Island

Santa Fe Beach on Bantayan Island

From Bogo City, the cost for this trip was P10 by bus.  From Cebu City it would be about P110 but certainly under P150.  Take the Filipino way to get there (via bus) and your trip to the Island including  the ferry will be about $7.00

You can click on the pictures above to enlarge them if you like.  My next post will be all about my stay on Bantayan Island.  Hopefully I will get that done tomorrow.   I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my Bantayan Island Tour.

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