Island Hopping in the Philippines is a favorite for those of us lucky enough to live in the Philippines.

I don’t get to do it nearly as much as I would like too.   Health is the number one limiting factor for

Filipino children playing on the beach

Island Kids on a Cebu Beach

me.  It doesn’t have to be very expensive.  At least not expensive by Western standards.  After living here for a short time though, P1500 has become a big expense for me.  That is what I paid for the trip shown in this island hopping video.

I took this trip not long after I arrived in the Philippines.  I had been here about two months and I loved it.

I left with a group of expats I met online.  Our trip started in Mactan Island which is an island just off Cebu Province and can be reached by two bridges.  I really don’t separate it from Cebu City in my mind and it is considered part of Metro Cebu City.

There are nice but pricey hotels there.  The Marriot has a towering hotel there.  Waterfront Hotel is another popular place for tourist to stay.  Most of us that live here would choose to stay in a pension house and take a taxi to cut back on the cost.  Rooms at those locations are over $100 a night and plenty of decent places can be found in Cebu for less than $25 a night.

I would like to take Jessie to one of these nicer places though.  She deserves it and should experience a little Western style living.

On this trip we went to an island that I have forgot the name of.  We ate and went swimming.  I wandered off from the crowd.  That’s just my nature.  I like to get out and explore and meet the people of the Philippines.

You’ll see Jessie, calling me name.  “Rusty, where are you going.”  She really means, you shouldn’t go there.  As you can see, I went anyway.   It was the best part of the trip for me.

Mingling with the children who where fascinated to see me up on their part of the island.  I got in the water with them as they follow me like I’m the Pied Piper.

We also went to a marine sancturay that resulted in a huge dispute when they told us that we had to pay P100 a person for just parking the boat there.  In the past, it had been P100 for everyone that got in the water.

I did get in the water there but the current was just to fast without flippers and I had none.   I could do nothing more than just hold on to the boat.  I did see fish in the crystal clear water.  It was a beautiful place.

It took less than a hour to get to the island where we ate and the sanctuary was only a little out of the way for our return trip.

There are many places around Cebu where you can do this.  In my mind, people cut themselves very short by hanging too close to Cebu City.  The best island hopping will be away from the city.  Bogo City provides a great place to do this.  One could go to Malapascua, Virgin Island and Bantayan Island for one such outing.

People often speak of eating on the beach at Virgin Island.   Many people take that trip from Bantayan Island for about P1500 which includes snorkeling.  Many of the resorts on Bantayan provide this as an extra service.  I’ve never seen a resort in Cebu that didn’t provide this service.

I hope you enjoy this video of the Philippines.  I’m working on getting more video of what it is life in the Republic of The Philippines is like.

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