My friend Joe, he seems to be a magnet for trouble. Joe is a good guy, maybe too good. That may be the source of some of the trouble he finds.

His girlfriend (Windy) befriended a ladyboy. A gay man that dresses like a woman. There are lots of them in the Philippines. I’ve had many “friend me” on Facebook and sometimes it is really hard to tell. They are referred to as “a gay” or bayot in the Philippines.

Bogo City Scandal

Even our three year old can recognize them, though he doens’t really know what it is all about. Once Jessie and our maid went to the

Joe in Bogo City

Joe Asking For Trouble

BBQ to eat and Jermain (the three year old) started shouting “Bayot, bayot” when he saw a ladyboy.

This ladyboy started to slowly move into Joe and Windy’s home they rent here in Bogo City. Joe had her talk to him and told him he couldn’t sleep there any more. That he could only come for a visit.

A few days later, Joe sends me a text message stating something like “There is a giant ladyboy outside my home shouting that I am a pedophile.” The ladyboy is outside of Joe’s appartment, yelling at the top of his lungs that Joe is a pedophile.

I couldn’t help myself. I saw a picture of this man, wearing a dress, with his hand on his hip shouting this to the world. I laughed and replied with “Man, I hope you took video of this!”

I guess I’ve been blogging so much that now it is the first thing that pops into my mind. He didn’t and he didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did but acknowledged that he wished he had taken video. I don’t know how flamboyant this man is but the more so the better it would have been.

It really isn’t funny because many Filipino believe that many of us are here for that reason. Some are. The perception seems to be that most are. In the eyes of some, we are proven guilty just for being here.

Joe’s girlfriend is 18. Some of her friends are still under 18 so he ends up hanging out with them at times. That’s really a very bad idea. Doesn’t matter that nothing is going on. It is persumed to be going on and in this country that can get you dead. It can also get you jailed. Just being in the presence of a minor is illegal in the Philippines. The law is generally applied with some common sense though.

Anyway, this tends to make the accusations the ladyboy made more unsettling.

After the ladyboy left, Windy got a text message that appeared to be from a police officer. It was inviting her to the police station to discuss a situation. When they arrived at the police station, the police had no idea what Joe and Windy were talking about. Obviously, the ladboy had sent the text message.

Younger Filipina love to play cell phone games like this. I’ve seen Jessie’s friends ask her to message “so and so” when they jealous or some other issue was in process. Jessie wont do it. Many will.

Joe seems to be having a great time in the Philipines but sometimes his nature to explore can get him into trouble. It can all of use. Hopefully it wont get him into something he can’t get out of. ย  He’s got some great tales from his time living in the Philippines.

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