Bob From Mindanao

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Mindanao BobMindanao Bob.  One of the first things I heard from him was his dismay over the bus driver speed and driving methods.   I think I told him welcome to the Cebu Roller Coaster. 🙂  maybe I forgot, but that’s what I call it.

During the time he was here Bob, Jessie and myself walked 3.5 miles.  Two miles of which was one walk but with a break at the park and at the wharf.

We walked down to the Pizza pub and then home to get our monkey and take her with us on the two mile walk.

All the kids were so thrilled to find a white guy that could speak Cebuano!  I use to feel like the pied piper of Bogo because every where I went the children would follow me.  But this time they were all circled around Bob and he was talking with them.  When he’d walk away, they’d start to follow him.  They’ve become use to me so they don’t do that any more even when I have a monkey on my back.

One older woman’s mouth dropped open when Bob said to her Maayong Hapon.  Even I can say that but I’m afraid too, or maybe  “I shy” would be a better way to put it.  When he said that, her mouth literally dropped open and she turned around to look in amazement.  I gotta do better in speaking the language.

Poor Bob though, he kept getting mistake for another kano that use to live in Bogo.  A guy that made a less than stellar reputation making a butt of himself.  One child was really fearful until she found out it was not the guy she thought it was.

Bob’s new Girlfriend

Bob was able to make friends with Juliet much faster than what anyone else has been able to do.  She’s a bit

Mindanao Bob with Philippine Monkey

Mindanao Bob with Philippine Monkey

tamer now than she was when I got her but she took to Bob fast.  It wasn’t long before Juliet was climbing on his head and scent marking him.  Wonder if Feyma is going to smell this other “woman” on him when he returns to Davao

The only thing bad about his visit was I was low on cash and he had to leave.  He didn’t’ make it to some of the places I wanted him to see.  We ate lunch late and a big one so neither of us was into dinner really and we were both pretty tired.  I was spent but I would have dragged him to the BBQ by the bay if I had the means to do so.  🙂

I also had hopped he’d get to meet the “bonsai master” that lives up on top of the hill.  It was really to hot to go up there and that put our long walk to much later in the day than what I hoped.  He didn’t really get to see the beauty of Bogo as I didn’t get him to the bay with the sun still up.  There’s another bay that’s even more picturesque and didn’t get him there at all but I didn’t

think we’d have time to do all that and I’d probably be in the hospital today. 🙂  I felt pretty rough but wasn’t really sleepy.

Politics and Pizza

Bob is a great guy, we got along fine, we argued over politics and even agreed some.  He discovered that I’m not really a democrat or even liberal.  He said “your a libertarian” to which I said yes.  It is others that label me liberal because they don’t understand.  I don’t’ want any government except that we actually need.

Most of all, I don’t want any government telling me what is moral and what is not.  Organizations with better intentions than most governments can’t do it right, I certainly don’t think it is the business of any government.  As he said, Republicans claim they are for less government but they really are not.  They may be for less taxes, I agree but that’s just a small part of the issue, a very small part..  I’ve been saying for years, that I’d rather be a free poor man than a rich slave.

I look forward to when I can go see Davao.  This month I must go to Bangkok, well before June 5th I must go.  I’d rather be going to Davao but that’s just going to have to wait.  I’m low on money afraid I’ll get stranded during my trip to Bangkok, I should be okay but I worry too much.  Life on a budget is just not right, I wish I had Donald Trump’s money but I’d rather be me than he, so i’ll just have to settle for the budget.  One that is usually inadequate.  Such are the issues many expats face and I’m a very luck man to live where I do, to have friends like Bob and a woman like Jessie.

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